Photo Submission Guidelines invites interested parties to submit a digital photograph for possible use on the website. If you would like your photo to be considered for use on the website, you must grant permission for its use. To do so, the photo must be yours and you must own the copyright for its distribution (which you do if you took the picture).

Your full name (not screen name) will be required for proper attribution, and you must state explicitly in your email “You may use this photo on” or something similar.

If your photo is used anywhere on the site, you will be sent a notification email with the URL for the photo and/or gallery where you can find your photo. Photos may be cropped, resized or otherwise slightly altered to meet the requirements for use, but they will not be significantly changed and each use of the photo will include attribution to you as determined appropriate by, Iron Horse Enterprises, Inc. and any of its subsidiaries, affiliates, agents, webmasters and/or owners.

NOTE: will not accept photographs that it determines to be obscene, provocative, or otherwise containing objectionable content; nor will we consider submissions that we already have on file.

1. Technical Specifications

There is no quantity limit for photo submissions, however, each e-mail submission is limted to 10MB file size each.
Submissions must be in JPEG, GIF or PNG digital file formats.

2. Terms of Use

By uploading a photograph(s), you agree to the Terms of Use.



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