Dear fellow 614 supporter,

Welcome to the 614’s Official Website and Thank You for your interest in America’s last commercially built 4-8-4 main line passenger steam locomotive.

All of us who have had the honor of being a part of the teams involved in her restoration in 1979-1980 or her operation during the A.C.E. Coal trials in 1985 or the fabulous Hoboken to Port Jervis excursions operated from 1996 through 1998 have come to immensely respect the fine engineering that went into her design and the excellent workmanship performed at the Lima-Hamilton Locomotive Works when she was constructed in June of 1948.

We fully believe her recent performances have proven our favorite slogan for her of “Americas Last & Best”.

Please revisit this site regularly, as it will be updated often.

Thanks again for your interest in this truly precious piece of American history!


Ross E. Rowland, Jr.

Iron Horse Enterprises, Inc.

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